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Can Productivity Bring Back the Dead?

A bit of a reflective post today.  Can productivity bring back the dead?  Stupid question, obviously.  Perhaps sarcastic in light of the fact that a co-worker of mine died this week.  

I sat in the second row of Sean’s funeral service.  The ceremony could spare no extra seats – it was obvious he had many friends.  I couldn’t help but keep my gaze upon the family while the funeral service unfolded.  A 32 year old male, taken from life due to diabetes complications, was being buried that day.  He was leaving behind a grateful family, but saddest of all a son and daughter, both under the age of 11.  At times the children seemed unaware of the gravity of the situation – and for their sakes that was probably not a bad thing.  But the gravity hit me and hit me hard.
I reflected on my own children and what their lives would be like if I were killed or taken from this world.  I think of the opportunities they would miss, the questions in their heads, the pain of a loved one being taken away.  So many things would change.  As they will for Sean’s children.  Sadness refills my heart. 
As a human being, I always look for a hidden pearl or story in what happens to us in life.  As a marketer, I realize that the products and services I work towards marketing each day have little to do with the entire world at large.  So what I “side-market” these days is productivity and Getting Things Done.  It has changed my life and numerous other people I know.  It helps people – plain and simple.  And it makes me fill good that I can pass on the good message that there is hope in today’s business world – that stress does not have to plague you.  You can be productive, even more productive, by following some simple principles and practicing them each day.  And perhaps, like the image, you can feel like the weight of the world is no longer upon you and you can fly like an eagle and spend past wasted energies on more important things – like your children or your life in general.
When I pass on, I want my funeral service to be full of friends and family, like Sean’s.  I want my children to know how hard their Dad worked and all the accomplishments he helped with.  I want them to know most of all, he did what he did out of love for the human race and that he always looked for the most efficient way to get those things done because he realized that as much as he loved his work, he always loved his family more.  With that said, I can now spend my Saturday happily – with my children and family.

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