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Take action…Get Involved!

Whether it be business, marketing, productivity or simply trying to understand how things work, nothing and I mean nothing can replace rolling up your sleeves and getting engaged yourself in the process.

Case in point – this blog.  OK, so it’s in its infancy and I’m still developing my style, but after listening to podcast after podcast and reading a few blogs to understand how to put one together – I simply went to the edge of the diving board and jumped in with both feet.  Then and only then did the true education come into play.  Whether it be Blogger, WordPress or Typepad, the format will be different as will the features.  I chose Blogger because it was free and has afforded me some nice introductory experiences.  
Last night I decided to take another jump so that I could understand more about podcasting.  Uisng my beloved iMac I experimented with GarageBand and a free podcast song website to tweak some music.  Not only did I learn a lot about GarageBand and where to get intro music, I also learned a great nugget that I’m happy to share with you.  After recording some example audio using the iMac microphone, I then decided to try something I had been thinking about – making my own studio.  Guess what I used….  A blanket!  Huh?  By putting a blanket over my head (and that of one of my daughters, Haley), we were able to try out the different sounds produced by the blanket and found the sound dampening quality of the blanket to not only work, but to work well.  Now, it did get a bit hot, but it was a fun bonding moment for both of us and by getting involved and experimenting, I came across a cheap way to record a podcast from home.
I hope this encourages you to take a risk, even a small one, to make things different.  By taking one step forward the view DOES change.

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