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Reflections of a productivity seeker

refletctionsOver the Christmas holidays I took the opportunity to increase my productivity in a way I never expected.  I took a full week off so that my family could travel 5 hours away to see more family and I had all intentions of listening to my iPod on the way down, learning more about ways to increase my productivity.  I was going to take my index cards with me, my Moleskine in hand, and I was planning on dumping my mind of all undone tasks.  I was going to do a lot more reading of Joseph Jaffe’s ‘Join the Conversation.’  I had it all planned out.In the event you haven’t guessed the plot…I did little to none of the above listed tasks.  But I was as productive as anyone could be – just in a different way.  I stepped back.  I allowed myself a break.  I watched people.  I listened.  I breathed.  And I worried less.  I quickly realized that in my world of productivity and social media education that I was letting other things pass me by.  So I took more time than usual with my children, with my wife and less time working.  I “unplugged.”  The Mac was fired up on brief occasions to check personal emails and that was about it.  In the end I learned a basic lesson.  There is a need, a real need for each of us to breathe a little deeper, to step back, to really look at the big picture and to put some priorities in check.  Best of all, I was able to put my GTD system to task and I found that as I listed my top of mind projects on an index card, they matched up on my iGTD list as well.  Allow yourself the time to reflect and the hands of time will smile upon you.  And so will your family. 


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