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A Great Way to Start the New Year

 As you might recall a few posts ago, my beloved Missouri Tigers were overlooked by the idiots Mizzou wins Cotton Bowlwho call themselves the Orange Bowl committee.  Choosing the Kansas Jayhawks over Missouri (some reports say the committee thought more Jayhawk fans would purchase tickets for the game than if Mizzou went to this bowl), the fans of Missouri got the last laugh – the Cotton Bowl tickets were sold out within 24 hours.  Meanwhile many Orange Bowl tickets remained unsold after going on sale.  Read this for more on that story.Looking as good today as they have looked all season, the Missouri Tigers handily beat the Arkansas Razorbacks 38-7.  Not only did they “contain” Mr. McFadden, Heisman candidate, to a little over 100 yards, the Tigers put on a show of their own.  The Tigers running back, Tony Temple, rushed for 4 TD’s and ran for 281 yards, both new Cotton Bowl records.  In addition, Temple’s record put him in 2nd place all time for rushing yards in a bowl game!  Cotton Bowl, Orange Bowl, whatever – the Tigers showed poise, guts and class by going out today and simply taking care of business.  With a finished season record of 12-2, the Tigers had the best year ever.  Congrats Mizzou and thank  you for a great ride this season! 


One Response

  1. Chase Daniel to stay at Missouri.

    Its great to see that Chase is staying at Missouri instead of going pro.

    BCS Champion Back to Back!

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