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FocusOK, I couldn’t resist with that title (alluding to Karate Kid for those of you who did not grow up during the 80’s). FOCUS.  You can never be productive without focus.  You can never produce effective anything without focus.  You need to do everything with focus.  This morning’s CNN Headline News showed a stat that reveals cell phone use while driving causes people to drive slower, change lanes less often and generally adds to traffic problems.  What, you mean multi-tasking is not such a good thing after all?! We all have problems focusing.  When I was a kid my mom took me to the optometrist and he had me look at letters to repeat back to him – ONE AT A TIME.  I wasn’t asked to juggle, gargle or repeat the Star Spangled Banner while upside down.  Simply focus.  Leo at Zen Habits has a great post on how to make this year your best and has focus included in his list of ways to improve.  I highly recommend this read in a world that continually challenges us to be our best.  His insights are a beacon and I hope you appreciate this article especially. 


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