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Conquering Fear


Fear.  It’s a frightening concept – literally.  It causes panic.  It causes anxiety.  It causes stress.  And it comes in many forms.   I recently talked to a friend of mine who’s ex-husband was causing her a great deal of fear.  During their marriage she encountered a lot of abuse – mostly mental and a bit physical.  She found the courage to leave the relationship and continue to raise her children.  The process of dealing with the fear in that relationship has still been a struggle.  Her self-esteem had fallen victim and was her own worst enemy.  Deciding after four years that enough was enough, she found the strength to confront the ex.  The outcome was insignificant but the victory was actually found in having the discussion itself.  You see she found out she was a new person and no longer a slave to his own insecurities that manifested itself in anger towards her.  She confronted her fears.  And now she can move on. 

 Fear in the workplace is not as dramatic as this scenario, but it can still take its toll on us.  We all have that “something” at work that we avoid, whether it be a project, person or task.  So, in the coming posts, I’ll be talking about fear and tying it into how we can conquer fear to be more productive.  It’s time to eliminate panic and confusion, stepping outside of your comfort zone, avoiding avoidance and reaching all the potential you have within you.


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