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Fear is Good?


This is part 3 on the conversation centered around Fear.  So far we’ve talked about how Fear is a choice.  The last part covered how Fear is contagious.  Today the focus is on how Fear can be good as well as bad and how to use it your advantage.

You can never really talk about Fear without mentioning fight or flight, in its psychological context.  A bear comes out of the woods barreling towards your family.  There are 2 choices – run to take cover OR choose to protect your children and spouse.  So which is it – fight or flight?

The bear example is probably pretty extreme when these posts are actually about not allowing fear to decrease your productivity, but it helps start the conversation.  For those who encounter a problem or setback, you can respond or react.  Reaction gives over to panic, confusion, avoidance and allows your vulnerabilities to come out.  Responding to your fears allows clarity and purpose to come forth, heightens your perceptions and awareness, and calls on you to step out of your comfort zone.  Which one do you choose?Whether it is about productivity or progress, response is a far better choice to make when fear comes along.  Anyone can react.  Animals do, especially when you take their food, invade their territory or strike them.  Responding allows trial (and perhaps error).  Responding allows discovery.  Responding allows you to harness your fears into a positive outcome. 

Best of all – how you respond to fear allows personal growth. 


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  1. Interesting take on fear! I read the whole series.

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