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One of Those Days…


Today I had one of those days.  Seriously. 

Oh wait!  I bet you think it was a bad one, huh?  Why is it that when we talk about having “one of those days,” it usually goes on to mean it was a day from Hell?  Well, I’m not here to argue, but it was one of those days – one of those days you just don’t have everyday.

Last night I returned from a 2 day business trip across the state.  Sometimes that is like coming back from vacation – lots of emails, lots of phone calls and lots of catch-up.  Like a medical professional who has a practice, that is how I consider myself within the Getting Things Done world.  It’s my practice.  So by practicing GTD for almost a year, I came back from my trip in pretty decent shape.  I processed over a hundred emails within 30 minutes, made some appointments and phone calls got a few things done for the day.  So far, so good.

The local newspaper where I live publishes a weekly business journal.  In today’s edition was an article I had written that covered a few posts I have done on this blog – the majority being on Push-Pull Marketing.  Not only did this serve to help others like others have helped me, but it furthered the organization I work for.  So far, even better.

After lunch Senator John Thune came by the children’s hospital I work for and we met with him for more than an hour about how to help children with autism that we serve.  It also gave me the chance to let him know what a big fan my father is of him, especially when he beat Tom Daschle a few years ago.  And I’m not done yet.

Processing a few emails by the end of the day I came across no less than three emails from various departments all favoring the recent endeavors of my staff.  Not only were those people happy about the creative work we did but they were also favorable about how they were treated.  I’m almost done.

Coming home, I looked at my blog and there was the cherry on top of the sundae.  The number of hits for today tied my best day ever.  Don’t get me wrong – I like doing this blog for my own sake and for returning the favor to others of what I learn from them.  But seeing that the things I write hit a small chord with others in the blogosphere does warm my heart a bit.  

Today was one of being productive, receiving recognition and of being rewarded.  It was a lot like this blog and also like life.  If you put effort into your life, then over time it will come back to you.  As a motivational speaker once told me, “No Deposit, No Return.”  I’m encouraged more than ever to continue and I hope this will encourage others to stay the course in whatever you do.  Make good choices.  Help others.  And one day you will have one of those days too.  Seriously.  


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