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Reflections on Success, Creativity and Innovation

MacBook Air

Mr. Jobs, how do you do it?

Unless you’ve been under a rock, you’ve probably heard about Apple’s latest product introductions during one of Job’s now famous keynote presentations.  Updated software for the iPhone and iTouch, updated software for the AppleTV to address high definition demands from consumers, a wireless backup drive for laptops called Time Capsule and then the introduction of the thinnest notebook in the world, the MacBook Air.

The numbers that Jobs mentioned equally matched the luster of these new introductions.  iTunes has sold more than 4 billion songs with its best day being Christmas of 2007 with over 20 million downloads that day alone.  The iPhone has 20% of the smart phone market within the first 90 days of its introduction in the face of pricing challenges.  

Congratulations to Apple for leading the best of innovation today.  AppleTV was a flop of an intro, but you brought it around to where we can now download RENTED movies onto our TVs WITHOUT A COMPUTER.  The new software for the iPhone can determine where you are without GPS but by using triangulated positioning from WIFI hot-spots – GENIUS.  And the MacBook Air challenged Intel to produce the smallest and powerful processor – and Intel answered the challenge.  And, to top it off, the world meets the new king of thin with a unique solution to installing hardware by borrowing other computers’ optical drives and wirelessly connecting that drive to the MacBook Air.

Whether you love’em or hate’em (and I happen to love’em), you have to respect the pure creativity and initiative of Cupertino’s finest.  


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