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Fighting Distractions to Maintain Focus

Focus EyesIs it just me or do other productivity seekers also have an issue with maintaining FOCUS?  Me, I’m like a kid in the candy store.  I lose focus on an ongoing basis.  I love surfing the net.I love listening to new ideas.  I love solving problems.  I love working.  I love playing.  I love life.  And so my lifelong struggle with focus continues.  I’m like someone who can’t put food down.  I can’t put information down.  I eat it all the time.   I have a ton of information – useless or otherwise – stored in my head.  But I continue on, struggling to focus.  And so I come today to provide a great post from LifeDev.net on keeping distractions at bay.  Hey, look at me!  I maintained focus long enough to write this – perhaps I’m getting better already…    


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