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Back to the Basics


Whether it’s about productivity, marketing or simply life, sometimes you just have to get back to the basics.  We live in a world that loves to complicate itself.  Decisions are deferred to committees.  Emails are bounced around and people who should not be involved get tossed into the mix.  Internet searches take too long because we’re convinced someone has created a faster answer – yet we take twice as long looking for it!  We try so desperately to increase sales or take things to the next level that we overlook some basic principles along the way…

What is more basic than relationships?  This week I came across two friends both looking for jobs.   These are very qualified individuals, mind you.  And regardless of how fancy their resume, how grandiose their wardrobe for the interview will be, I submit that they will find the job they want through who they know.  Meeting people and then networking from any connection is its own art form.  So for those who have not mastered that art form, and for those that have, today’s technology has placed a simple tool for us to use and take things back to their basics.  It’s called LinkedIn.  

I’ve been using LinkedIn for the past few months and am continually amazed at who I come across or how I connect through people.  The world of social media provides additional ways to connect without getting too fancy.  In fact, I’ve been very fortunate to add a few “celebrities” from the podcast world lately to my list of contacts.   John Wall of Marketing over Coffee and The M Show has become a recent connection.  In addition, Lisa Johnson has as well.  Lisa is the owner of Reach Group Consulting and specializes in marketing to the Gen X & Y group as well as to women.  I respect both in not only their marketing and social media knowledge but in their sense of community and their dedication to its proliferation.   I simply heard their podcasts and had questions that I simply emailed to them.  Lo and behold, they both answered.  And the rest is history. 

I’m a TV junkie and have an affinity for The Apprentice.  If you were watching this season’s episodes you would have noted that even Gene Simmons of Kiss agrees with me – friends and contacts rule.  A handful of the contests were won by Gene’s team – simply because of who his team knew and nothing fancy done by the team itself.   Do yourself a favor this week.  Make a new friend.  It’s as basic as that.  


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  1. Thanks for the link love! I’m going Hal Jordan style – No Fear!

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