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Are Reebok and Kool-Aid Serious?

 Reebok Kool-Aid

According to posts on both brandcurve.com and styletots.com, Reebok and Kool-Aid are teaming up to deliver shoes that smell like the best flavored drink a child should ever know.  No, this is not a joke.  I don’t know if my mind can wrap around this idea, regardless of the many sites that feature this new line.  Making Reeboks that SMELL like Kool-Aid?  Who would actually buy these for their children and worse yet – what do you do for those households who have dogs?  Dogs chew shoes bad enough without a reason, now we want to tease them with sweet smells to entice them more?   

Oh wait, don’t tell me.  Teams will toss the Gatorade out the stadium’s doors and replace their coolers with Kool-Aid, right?  Football stars like Terrell Owens will sign multi-million dollar deals with Reebok and whenever they score a touchdown, they’ll proclaim, “Oh Yeahhhhh!”  

What a world… 


One Response

  1. As for the sweet smell, you don’t have to worry about your dogs sniffing it. The fruity flavor is actually controlled inside the shoes. I had to take the liner out to smell the cherry scent. Your favorite kool-aid flavor is not going to be haunting you wherever you are whenever you have this on. Having said that, I couldn’t really say if that would change if someone is actually wearing it. If the smell would suddenly envelope your whole surroundings when your sole is pushing down on the liner or if you’re sweating. But then again, no one would wear this kind of shoes when playing sports. Maybe for walking but if your feet sweats like crazy when doing that activity, then you have bigger problems. Time to see the Doctor. And if you have a dog, maybe you should train her/him not to chew on your shoes? Or better yet, store your shoes where your dog can’t reach? Just a thought, heh!

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