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Risk for Reward


Want a quick method to improve yourself, increase your productivity or finish a project on time?  Whether it be weight loss, self-improvement or changing a bad habit, this method delivers the results.  Be warned:  like anything, it takes work, desire, effort – and living with some discomfort if your goal is not met.  And yes…it takes a certain amount of Risk.

It’s called Reverse Risk Leveraging.  Here is how it works:  Determine something you have that is a prized possession – this might be your prized CD collection, your golf clubs or your checking account.  Write down a goal, a specific one along with a date that you will achieve it by.  Share it with a friend or two or three.  At the same time, hand over that prized possession.  If your goal is met, you get the prize back.  If it’s not met, you give permission to the “holder” that your item/money will be given to charity.  This uncomfortable method may not work for all, especially those with weak willpower or weak friends.  For me, I wrote a check for $1000 and unless I met a certain weight goal by a certain date, my money would be given to charity.

Did I reach my goal?  You bet I did!  If I hadn’t, a good charity would have benefited.  But that money sure did help me make my house payment that month!  I give all the credit to Coach David Greenwalt and his online fitness coaching site, Leanness Lifestyle for this methodology.  Thanks again to you Coach for all that you did for me. 

Other forms of this method involve setting a very public deadline so that you are held accountable.  Give yourself permission to get out of your comfort zone once in a while.  Promise your boss a new idea or innovation, etc.  But start improving yourself first and test your own limits.  With one victory under your belt you’re more apt to take on more challenges.  

(This post may not be suitable for those weak at heart…) 


2 Responses

  1. Reverse Risk Leveraging approach sounds promising indeed….all this while I have been using “Mind Mapping” Approach by Tony Buzan and it has helped me visualize & attain my goals. I am sure practicing this technique will b icing on the cake for me…

    Nice Post indeed…!


  2. Living life fully is better than living attached to things anyway. So, if you make your life better even by a percentage, the cost of the loved item or money spent will be well worth. Cool idea.

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