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Practical Hack – Opening Plastic Sealed Packages

Plastic packagingI apologize for not revealing this useful tip until after the holidays, but it only revealed itself to me a few weeks ago.  As we’re all aware by now, plastics are taking over the packaging business.  From zip drives to toys to many modern conveniences, EVERYTHING is being sealed in hard plastic packaging.  AND, worse than that, it might as well come with bandages because whether its the scissors you use to cut the packaging or the packaging itself, cuts are very commonplace.  Well, my friends, fear no more!  If you have a handy dandy can opener like the one pictured, Can Opener prayers have been answered.   Take the packaging described and clamp down on it just like you would a can.  (I know this sounds crazy, but REALLY – it works)  Twist the can opener like a can of tuna and let the packaging roll forward or backward.  Do it long enough – to the edge or top to bottom and you will find a nicely cut region to extract the goodies within.  Guaranteed.  Try it and let me know how it works in the comments section.


2 Responses

  1. I’ll have to try that, maybe I’ll be able to keep the rest of my fingers…

  2. nice work, bro

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