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Revenge of the Mayer

hb3193-thumb.jpgApple just can’t catch a break.  Despite a record breaking February showing a 60% increase in computer sales over last year, they took it in the shorts from an old friend.

John Mayer, formerly the music darling of Steve Jobs during Apple keynotes, posted on his blog a screen capture or two about some problems he recently had on iTunes.  Is this a disgruntled celebrity now that Jobs has been asking Randy Newman to play at his keynotes of late?  Or is it an attempt by Apple to merchandise their well known ability to ignore the consumer and do things their way?    

Perhaps they will finally respond if this is indeed a ploy on their part to show they really are responsive….um…OK….my bad….        

 On his personal blog, Mayer outlines the entire event.  Even celebs can play the evil blogger card apparently.  At least he was able to send this message in to Apple.  Had Mayer been using a PC he’d be referred to a Vista call center located 28 miles south of Bombay…


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