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How to Lose Weight, Gain Muscle and Feel Great

Life Isn\'t OverEveryone, at least everyone I know, has had some weight issue, at some point in time.  When this occurs, the mind plays incredible tricks on you and for whatever reason you can find yourself in seemingly lost predicaments.  Speaking from personal experience I’ve been there.  I was overweight, 33% bodyfat and a slug.  I experimented, gain enormous knowledge on what to do, got in shape, ran the Chicago Marathon and had many other successes.

But, then, as life would have it, I lost my focus and in 7 short  years, my body is back where it was.  Part of this is related to the job I had, but in reality, that is just an excuse.  I’m 40, a family man and now realize that in my many interests, I need to put some interest back into myself so I can be around more to enjoy my life and my family.  So, I’ve created a new blog called Life Isn’t Over at 40.  Check it out at its early conception where I will blog about my progress, some useful tips anyone can use and hopefully we will all gain some motivational insights from each other.  What’s the most weight you’ve lost? 


One Response

  1. Jeff, I wish you the best returning to the fitness level you described.

    You’re right, we’ve all struggled, but I’m sure you’re capable of a comeback. I’m biased toward running, so I admire your accomplishment of finishing the Chicago Marathon, so maybe something like that goal and resuming running will help you return to fitness.

    I like the approach of the blog you described. It should be both helpful and inspirational.

    Best wishes to you.

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