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Another example of great marketing


About 5 months ago, John Wall at Ronin Marketeer made me aware of a “Java Beta Test” that Joffrey’s was doing.  Joffrey‘s is an online tea & coffee company that had a great idea that I wrote of earlier.  They offered free samples of their coffee to bloggers and had them write about the product.  Risky venture, but not if your product is at the caliber of Joffrey’s.  Their Jamaica Me Crazy was fantastic!  Great strategy and great innovative technique to allow multiple bloggers to get in on the action.  At last count they have over 1,500 blogs they’ve involved.


I admit that I had every intention of buying a bag of Jamaica Me Crazy…but you can fill in the rest of the story. Life just comes too fast some days.  So, jump start to yesterday.  Five months after this beta test and I get an email from Joffrey’s alerting me to their new site and to check it out.  They never invaded my email box after the initial experiment.  They backed off unlike many others who call you 2,000 times after a whitepaper download.  But they followed through on the contacts they made during their Java Beta Test and discreetly reminded everyone they were still around, had a new site design and indirectly brought business back around to their site.  Plus they offered a 25% discount to me and my readers.  Details below…

To make it even more satisfying, I wrote a letter back to the email issuer, Adam, Director of Digital Strategy with Pierson Grant, who is the strategist team for Joffrey’s.  I wrote my compliments…and got a reply within 15 minutes or so.

We need more companies like Joffrey’s and Pierson Grant – for people who know how to use the great responsibility of social media and who do it well.

Once again, my coffee mug is raised in their honor!  Now, here is the email I received with that special offer:

Coffee Trends in the Blogosphere:

Results from Joffrey’s Coffee & Tea Company’s survey based on 1,000 bloggers:

  • Average age of Java Beta Tester:  approximately 31.5 years old

Coffee preferences:

  • 93% prefer regular, 7% prefer decaf
  • 59% prefer traditional coffee, 41% prefer flavored coffee
  • Cups of coffee per day:
    • 1-2 = 45%
    • 2-4 = 35%
    • 4+ = 20%
  • Sweetener and cream preferences:
    • Cream + sweetener = 50%
    • Black = 25%
    • Cream only = 19%
    • Sweetener only = 6%

SO, for you coffee lovers, use this code:  DCWEBLAUNCH085 and receive 25% off your order through Joffrey’s.  As the kind folks at MarketingOverCoffee.com like to say, “Enjoy the coffee!”



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