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Low cost info from savvy marketers and thought leaders

Pixelated Gushing of Information

Pixelated Gushing of Information

Looking for a cheap way to gain great information?  Well, launching off of my post earlier in the week, here is a compilation of the Pixelated Conference submissions thus far that appeared on Chris Brogan’s blog.  Subjects range from Play, Inspiration, Productivity, Marketing, Customer Service, Web 3.0 and more.  Click on the links below and hopefully you’ll gain some insights you hadn’t thought of.

Customer Experience
Web 3.0
Proof Positive

If you have a pixelated conference you’d like to share, please submit it in my comments section and send to Chris Brogan as well.  Let’s keep this idea alive and well!


One Response

  1. Jeff,

    Thanks for the link to my Free Web 3.0 Course. Your on my blogroll! How awesome is the creativity inspired by the Pixelated Conference?


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