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Smart Moves from the NFL

The NBA started the last couple of years engaging women in their advertising.  Rather than their usual ads they began issuing stories of their players with the hope that the format would pull women into the fold.  Now the NFL has taken a similar approach and it’s paying off.  The NFL has some great commercials – one in particular where women wearing NFL women’s apparel greet one another at the door wearing competing teams.  Now the Baltimore Ravens have created a women’s only group to support the team – called Purple.  Having collected a membership close to 3500 in the past year, the Ravens are doing what every man dreamed of – they’re getting women excited about football!  Hats off to Baltimore and hats off to the NFL for turning weekend enemies of football into advocates.  For us married folk, Sunday afternoons just might get a little easier…especially if the yard needs mowing…  Kudos to the Church of the Customer for this article. 


Who Do You Trust?

In a “revealing” study done by Nielsen, word of mouth was once again guilty as charged as the most trusted way to receive messaging/marketing.  The stats and other commentary are provided here by our good friends at Church of the Customer.com.

What I find interesting is the paradoxical information.  Newspaper ranks 2nd overall – people still read the paper?  Brand websites rank 4th – so that means if you have the website, you can say whatever you like and people will believe you?   Just one more sign I guess that the consumer of today is simply unpredictable?