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Top 10 Ways Twitter Could Improve

Are You Addicted?

Are You Addicted?

If you’re like me, you enjoy using Twitter.  It’s fast, interactive and you can shut it off, unlike email, when it becomes to be too much.  Most people I know who use Twitter have a semi-addiction, so shutting it off might be harder for some.  Anywho, I thought I’d put together my list of improvements and see what you come up with as well.  Can’t hurt, right?

  1. Larger bio section – limited section now allows little to be found in common with each other
  2. Protect my updates abolished – are you kidding me?  This is Twitter, not Quiver.  If you need your updates protected, call someone on your phone; otherwise join the community!
  3. Enlarged profile area – additional areas could be added to list your industry, marital status, hobbies, etc. – again, more ways to seek commonalities
  4. Meeting rooms – not a new concept, but you search and find areas of interest and are able to chat with a segment of your group and others on things like football or croquet (hey, you play, so don’t deny it!)
  5. Criteria to kick out those who incessantly tell you every painstaking detail of their day – watching TV with my cat, painting my nails, sorting my baseball cards – give me a break.
  6. Tags for posts that merit special attention or good links so that others can seek and find them
  7. Improved user interface – the web-based window is large, chunky and not practical
  8. For those using the web based product – could you auto-refresh the window – please?
  9. Alphabetical listing of those you follow and those who follow you
  10. Finally, another user interface suggestion – an edit/format bar that allows BOLD type to stress your point and a place to insert pictures (hey, they are worth 1000 words, but I guess that’s 860 too many…)

So, that’s my list, so far.  I’m sure there are many more who have used Twitter much longer and have many and probably better suggestions – what would you add?


Low cost info from savvy marketers and thought leaders

Pixelated Gushing of Information

Pixelated Gushing of Information

Looking for a cheap way to gain great information?  Well, launching off of my post earlier in the week, here is a compilation of the Pixelated Conference submissions thus far that appeared on Chris Brogan’s blog.  Subjects range from Play, Inspiration, Productivity, Marketing, Customer Service, Web 3.0 and more.  Click on the links below and hopefully you’ll gain some insights you hadn’t thought of.

Customer Experience
Web 3.0
Proof Positive

If you have a pixelated conference you’d like to share, please submit it in my comments section and send to Chris Brogan as well.  Let’s keep this idea alive and well!

Pixelated Conference – Creativity, Inspiration, Productivity and Success

Via Chris Brogan whose blog post suggestion was via Mitch Joel whose suggestion was via OnClick, here is my suggestion of a “Pixelated Conference.”  The premise is having an online conference of various videos to take advantage of resources at hand.  At least that’s my interpretation.  It’s a way of keeping up with what’s cool, hot and rocking on a few topics – all at NO CHARGE.  So, here are my favorite presentations that impact success, creativity and productivity.  This is who I’d have speak if I had my druthers.  Enjoy!

PIXELATED CONFERENCE – Creativity, Inspiration and Productivity

David Allen – Speaking on GTD

Garr Reynolds on Presentations

Merlin Mann -Inbox Zero

Richard St. John – 8 Secrets of Success

Jonathan Harris – Stories of the Internet

Anand Agarawala on the Bump Desktop

Jeff Han – Touchscreen Technology


Thanks to Chris and Mitch for passing this on.  If you have a collection of conferences you’d suggest, post them in the comment section and let’s share.

Akoha – Making the World a Better Place

Pay It Forward game

Pay It Forward game

If you haven’t heard of Akoha yet, I predict you will.  (At this time, Akoha is in beta version.)  I first learned of this from CC Chapman’s podcast, Managing the Gray and was immediately captivated.  A recent blog from CC on his main blog shows a picture of one of the cards.

It’s a basic Pay It Forward premise – do something nice for someone and have them do as well.  It’s all that but with a Web 2.0 twist.  You buy a deck of “mission cards” and then pick a card.  Cards have you do kind things for someone, like buy a cup of coffee.  As you do the kind deed, you hand your card off to that person so they can do the same.  As the card gets passed, you log in to the Akoha site, enter a code and give geographic information.  At that time you can view where the card has been and follow it forward to see where it goes.  There is many more that you can see and view as evidenced by their presentation recently at TechCrunch 50.

In a world where news has not been so good lately, at least on the economic front, it’s good to hear people are still trying to do good things.  And bringing a few people along.  The possibilities are exciting.

Creative, Innovative and Wii-nderful

Wario Land - Press to see video

Wario Land - Press HERE to see video

This incredible and creative YouTube adaptation for a new Wii game comes to us via brandcurve.com, so kudos to them for bringing this to my attention.  Gamer or not, you have to appreciate the approach.  Press the picture to see – already over 2 million hits!

The Future of Marketing (Harry Potter style)

Having heard of E-Ink a few years ago, I knew that one day “electronic paper” would become a reality.  And now it’s here.  Check out the latest copy of Esquire.  You just might not believe your eyes.  But imagine the possibilities as a marketer…

Given this technology, how would you use it best for your organization?  What other ways could you see this being used best?

Another example of great marketing


About 5 months ago, John Wall at Ronin Marketeer made me aware of a “Java Beta Test” that Joffrey’s was doing.  Joffrey‘s is an online tea & coffee company that had a great idea that I wrote of earlier.  They offered free samples of their coffee to bloggers and had them write about the product.  Risky venture, but not if your product is at the caliber of Joffrey’s.  Their Jamaica Me Crazy was fantastic!  Great strategy and great innovative technique to allow multiple bloggers to get in on the action.  At last count they have over 1,500 blogs they’ve involved.


I admit that I had every intention of buying a bag of Jamaica Me Crazy…but you can fill in the rest of the story. Life just comes too fast some days.  So, jump start to yesterday.  Five months after this beta test and I get an email from Joffrey’s alerting me to their new site and to check it out.  They never invaded my email box after the initial experiment.  They backed off unlike many others who call you 2,000 times after a whitepaper download.  But they followed through on the contacts they made during their Java Beta Test and discreetly reminded everyone they were still around, had a new site design and indirectly brought business back around to their site.  Plus they offered a 25% discount to me and my readers.  Details below…

To make it even more satisfying, I wrote a letter back to the email issuer, Adam, Director of Digital Strategy with Pierson Grant, who is the strategist team for Joffrey’s.  I wrote my compliments…and got a reply within 15 minutes or so.

We need more companies like Joffrey’s and Pierson Grant – for people who know how to use the great responsibility of social media and who do it well.

Once again, my coffee mug is raised in their honor!  Now, here is the email I received with that special offer:

Coffee Trends in the Blogosphere:

Results from Joffrey’s Coffee & Tea Company’s survey based on 1,000 bloggers:

  • Average age of Java Beta Tester:  approximately 31.5 years old

Coffee preferences:

  • 93% prefer regular, 7% prefer decaf
  • 59% prefer traditional coffee, 41% prefer flavored coffee
  • Cups of coffee per day:
    • 1-2 = 45%
    • 2-4 = 35%
    • 4+ = 20%
  • Sweetener and cream preferences:
    • Cream + sweetener = 50%
    • Black = 25%
    • Cream only = 19%
    • Sweetener only = 6%

SO, for you coffee lovers, use this code:  DCWEBLAUNCH085 and receive 25% off your order through Joffrey’s.  As the kind folks at MarketingOverCoffee.com like to say, “Enjoy the coffee!”