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Jott This Down & You Won’t Forget It!

Let me start by saying I am not affiliated with “jott” in any way, but let me say without a doubt that when you visit www.jott.com, it will be a moment of astonishment.  For productivity lovers like me, I almost had to grab the nearest box of Kleenex (well, I do have a cold in addition to…).

Jott is an application unlike any other I’ve seen and they have even gone so far as to begin to list ways you can use it.  I’m sure upon further thought there might be even more.  But for now, let’s start with a simple explanation.  After starting up an account with Jott (which is free at this point in beta, but expect a price in the near future once you’re hooked), you enter the phone number(s) that you call from the most, your email address(es) and then we start to scratch the surface.  You can enter your contacts by importing them from many different mail applications or by typing them in.  At that point, you call the Jott number,  1-866-JOTT-123.  Following a short prompt, you can say ME or a friend’s name.  From there, your speech is converted to text and then that message is emailed to the appropriate party.  In other words – we’re talking about a virtual Blackberry minus the need to type.  Whether you have a list of tasks you want emailed to you or a rash of emails to send, it can now all be done with the use of your cell phone or nearest landline.  Need a reminder?  It will send you one on the date you request.  Set up folders and you can send messages into that folder – tracking expenses, to do’s, etc.
Amazing, huh?  But it doesn’t stop there.  You can lump names into a distribution list, work or personal.  One call to Friends means everyone on your list now knows you got that new job or your baby was born.  If you’re a fellow blogger, you can actually call in your blog and have it converted to text.
Is there more it can do?  Oh Yeah!  Stop wasting your time and check it out at the link provided above.  It’s a tool any GTD’er will salivate at – so enjoy this great tool while it’s free.

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