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Low cost info from savvy marketers and thought leaders

Pixelated Gushing of Information

Pixelated Gushing of Information

Looking for a cheap way to gain great information?  Well, launching off of my post earlier in the week, here is a compilation of the Pixelated Conference submissions thus far that appeared on Chris Brogan’s blog.  Subjects range from Play, Inspiration, Productivity, Marketing, Customer Service, Web 3.0 and more.  Click on the links below and hopefully you’ll gain some insights you hadn’t thought of.

Customer Experience
Web 3.0
Proof Positive

If you have a pixelated conference you’d like to share, please submit it in my comments section and send to Chris Brogan as well.  Let’s keep this idea alive and well!


What Do YOU Want?

Survey Says...

Survey Says...

In an effort to stay current with my readers and their wishes, it’s always good to offer up suggestions.  I have enjoyed this blog and will continue to – it’s simply too much fun!  Technology continues to bring up more tools for bloggers to use, so I found Poll Daddy.  I couldn’t help but entertain some of its functions, so if you are so inclined, I would love to hear your thoughts and answers on this survey.  It’ll only take a few seconds and would help me a great deal.  If a question evokes additional thoughts, please post them in the comments section as well.

Have you seen this survey tool before?

Pixelated Conference – Creativity, Inspiration, Productivity and Success

Via Chris Brogan whose blog post suggestion was via Mitch Joel whose suggestion was via OnClick, here is my suggestion of a “Pixelated Conference.”  The premise is having an online conference of various videos to take advantage of resources at hand.  At least that’s my interpretation.  It’s a way of keeping up with what’s cool, hot and rocking on a few topics – all at NO CHARGE.  So, here are my favorite presentations that impact success, creativity and productivity.  This is who I’d have speak if I had my druthers.  Enjoy!

PIXELATED CONFERENCE – Creativity, Inspiration and Productivity

David Allen – Speaking on GTD

Garr Reynolds on Presentations

Merlin Mann -Inbox Zero

Richard St. John – 8 Secrets of Success

Jonathan Harris – Stories of the Internet

Anand Agarawala on the Bump Desktop

Jeff Han – Touchscreen Technology


Thanks to Chris and Mitch for passing this on.  If you have a collection of conferences you’d suggest, post them in the comment section and let’s share.

Akoha – Making the World a Better Place

Pay It Forward game

Pay It Forward game

If you haven’t heard of Akoha yet, I predict you will.  (At this time, Akoha is in beta version.)  I first learned of this from CC Chapman’s podcast, Managing the Gray and was immediately captivated.  A recent blog from CC on his main blog shows a picture of one of the cards.

It’s a basic Pay It Forward premise – do something nice for someone and have them do as well.  It’s all that but with a Web 2.0 twist.  You buy a deck of “mission cards” and then pick a card.  Cards have you do kind things for someone, like buy a cup of coffee.  As you do the kind deed, you hand your card off to that person so they can do the same.  As the card gets passed, you log in to the Akoha site, enter a code and give geographic information.  At that time you can view where the card has been and follow it forward to see where it goes.  There is many more that you can see and view as evidenced by their presentation recently at TechCrunch 50.

In a world where news has not been so good lately, at least on the economic front, it’s good to hear people are still trying to do good things.  And bringing a few people along.  The possibilities are exciting.

The Greatest Marketer – a proud father

Blog for Fathers

Blog for Fathers

The continuation of Web 2.0 evolves and evolves.  And, before you know it, the common man is able to achieve great things, in addition to being a father.  Like networking with each other, even those considered famous in social media.

Chris Brogan, veteran of social media and co-founder of PodCamp has started a new blog of a different sort.  Dad-O-Matic is a blog for fathers (and mothers) to trade stories, provide advice and give a forum to talk about our children and what we’ve learned.  Chris tweeted about this (on Twitter, what else?!) a few days ago, looking for authors and I was only too happy to oblige.  If you’re a father like me and enjoy marketing your best creation (your kids), then take a look at Dad-O-Matic.  Who knows, we might all learn something.

Google threatened by Digg and others?

Blogsearch protects turf against Digg?

Blogsearch protects turf against Digg?

Problogger released news of an update Google’s BlogSearch has added – one that allows you to view news listed in different categories while also seeing how many are blogging about the story and a graph to show the visual trends.  Handy feature in light of what strikes a chord with readers.

Amongst news that many are now using Digg and other similar social bookmarking sites for relevant news – is this Google’s way of pushing back to the front?

What do you think?

Twitter, Tweets and Twime to Twalk

Twime to Twitter

It's Twime to Twitter

OK, I admit it.  I’ve been pushing off from joining Twitter for quite some time.  I’m not sure of my aversion other than seeing it as another In-box that I simply did not want to add.  But then a friend of mine posted this blog about Twitter and I admired a few of the points he mentioned including its worth with organizational use.  As I continue to explore and wonder at Web 2.0 initiatives, I’m anxious to follow my readers and see what they are a-Twitter about.

Scoble put out a great piece about following versus being a follower.  I’m not so picky.  I just like to immerse myself in new technology and experiment for myself.  I’m from the Show-Me State after all (Go Tigers!), so I’d like to see how things go for myself.

So, please, CLICK HERE to follow me and I’ll follow you.

It’ll be fun, right?

C’mon – you know you wanna do it.

All the Big Kids are doing it…