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Adam Loses Money for CBS

Adam Loses Money for Big BrotherWell, to follow the story forward on Adam, a cast member on this season’s Big Brother, a few of the ripples he caused have hit the shoreline of CBS.  As a reminder, here is the beginning.  Once Lowe’s (with a media budget of $400 million) was made aware of the comments he made against those with autism, Lowe’s dropped any advertising to be done during the Big Brother timeslots.  To find out more, visit Adweek’s info.      


Losers, Idiots and Adams


The latest cast member of CBS’ Big Brother includes a Public Relations “Specialist” who claims he works for an organization to help children with special needs.  For being in PR, he was already prone to making me suspicious about his profession when he called a 46-year old woman, “Ma” on numerous occasions.  He couldn’t understand why she should take offense…  Clue #1

The following episode the same “PR Specialist” told cast members that he helped special needs children including a project helping them get hair cuts.  Then in the very next sentence he referred to these children as retards.  Clue #2

I work for a small hospital and school that serves children with special needs – ranging from medically complex needs to those with cerebral palsy, Down’s syndrome, those with autism and more.  Many of these families have already endured some major hardships, along with their children, due to their developmental disabilities.  It can be a very emotional place to work, but I love what I do as do my colleagues.  These children and their cognitive functions vary a great deal and they each serve a special purpose in their own way.  It gives me great joy to work for a non-profit organization that yearns to help these children and their parents.  

To watch a television show where someone who claims to be in a related industry to mine but calls special needs children names like “retards” deserves his own punishment.  Already many blogs relating to Autism such as AutismVox have already voiced their concern – and rightly so.  In the Marketing/Creativity/PR world, we must always remember our ethical responsibilities.  Namely, if you don’t believe in your product, then don’t sell it to others.  If you don’t enjoy your job, go find another profession.  If you think it is fair and justifiable to call innocent, special needs children with the label retards, then it’s time you consider moving on.  And consider it’s time to grow up.

I don’t rant too often and this is one of very few for me on this blog.  But this comment riled me up enough to voice my support for those offended by this guy’s comments.  Many sites, including the comment section on Big Brother’s site, are already calling for this guy’s ousting and hope that his company will fire him as well.  All I know is that this “PR Specialist” is currently his own worst enemy unknowing of the responses towards his remark.  He’s unknowing of how he has related to the public.  And perhaps when he leaves the house, he will be unknowing of what employment is.

At the end of the day, this is just one more example of how we must all be very careful with what we say.  We only get one chance in this world – so let’s make it a better place, OK?