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What Do YOU Want?

Survey Says...

Survey Says...

In an effort to stay current with my readers and their wishes, it’s always good to offer up suggestions.  I have enjoyed this blog and will continue to – it’s simply too much fun!  Technology continues to bring up more tools for bloggers to use, so I found Poll Daddy.  I couldn’t help but entertain some of its functions, so if you are so inclined, I would love to hear your thoughts and answers on this survey.  It’ll only take a few seconds and would help me a great deal.  If a question evokes additional thoughts, please post them in the comments section as well.

Have you seen this survey tool before?


The Greatest Marketer – a proud father

Blog for Fathers

Blog for Fathers

The continuation of Web 2.0 evolves and evolves.  And, before you know it, the common man is able to achieve great things, in addition to being a father.  Like networking with each other, even those considered famous in social media.

Chris Brogan, veteran of social media and co-founder of PodCamp has started a new blog of a different sort.  Dad-O-Matic is a blog for fathers (and mothers) to trade stories, provide advice and give a forum to talk about our children and what we’ve learned.  Chris tweeted about this (on Twitter, what else?!) a few days ago, looking for authors and I was only too happy to oblige.  If you’re a father like me and enjoy marketing your best creation (your kids), then take a look at Dad-O-Matic.  Who knows, we might all learn something.

Movin’ On Up

 No, it’s not the Jeffersons, but my move is nearly complete – moving from Blogger to WordPress as I experiment with which blog software works best for me.  Anyone out there who is looking to start blogging, I would urge you to experiment as well.  Some blog software doesn’t have some components you may want, like your own video, etc.  For me, I’m still in flux…but I do like that I can add my own videos, like of my girls below. I’ll be back with my normal posts within a few days.