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The Truth in Advertising


Well, the SHSMD conference is over at last and now I’m home.  The sessions I attended were informative, but my main takeaway was of a different sort to me.  I listened to many speakers talk about how they overcame obstacles to communicate to their patients or clients.  I listened to how we should excite women and get their attention; how to involve physicians in future marketing efforts and how the Davids can beat the Goliaths.  But most of all, I observed the need for humans to share their stories.


We marketers spend countless dollars and efforts fighting the jungle of each other’s fruitions.  With machete aimed high, we attempt to swat down newspaper print ads, television commercials and the long vines of direct mail.  We do it in the name of our company, and in the name of profit.  But at the end of the day, word

Word of Mouth continues its reign

Word of Mouth continues its reign

of mouth is the mighty champion again and again.


Whether you are in healthcare or manufacturing, it matters not.  Whether you have a large budget or a small one matters not.  Whether you are an expert or an amateur matters not (take note Andrew Keen!).  What does matter is your ability to communicate – and in that communication tell a story.  Not your story, mind you.  Tell the story of the consumer.  And let them help.


WEb 2.0 users know this to be true already.  Bloggers and content generaters tell their stories everyday.  Who are bloggers?  Well…they’re you and me – consumers; and there are a lot of us.  And sometimes we may not like to hear what consumers always have to say.  But if we have a shred of marketing decency, then we must realize they are our focus group AND our audience.  They no longer need an invitation or free meal.  They meet when they want and where they want.  And say what they want to say.  They force us all to be better producers.  And what’s so wrong with that?

We have much to learn from each other.  Let the story telling begin.


How to get FREE coffee – online


Lately there has been a bit of talk on the podcasts and blogs about the power of FREE.  Some see the word as a gimmick, but let’s face it – it’s one of the most attention getting words of all time.  Especially when FREE comes just before something you really enjoy a lot.  Like coffee. 

John Wall of Marketing over Coffee and Ronin Marketeer made me and others aware of a unique test called the Java Beta Test offered by Joffrey’s.  This creative stroke of genius has Joffrey’s, a coffee company out of Florida, engaging bloggers everywhere to write about their coffee.  All bloggers need do is check out Joffrey’s beta site, submit your blog and try to be one of the lucky ones to be sent a sample of their beans.  So far, a little over 1,100 bloggers have signed up to try the coffee.

With so much ingenuity and competition out there, my hat goes off to Joffrey’s.  I haven’t even tasted the coffee yet, but when I received my packet this morning along with a letter that cleverly explains their playful brand, I was hooked.  So was my wife who loved the name “Jamaican Me Crazy.”  To engage bloggers in the hopes of them writing about their product was a smart strategy, great marketing – and it is working.  Do a blog search on them and you’ll see many posts surfacing already.  Nice approach and I assume great coffee.  I’ll find out tomorrow morning. 

rssHugger for New Bloggers

rssHuggerThere’s a new tool in town to help all of us newbie bloggers and it’s called rssHUGGER.  The concept is pretty simple – it’s an additional place to list your blog and with it being really new, it’s perfect to get listed now – then when searchees are looking for a particular topic, you’re sure to get noticed.  Especially if your topic is unique enough to have few others listed in that category.  Best of all – it’s free if you help promote their services.  Try it out!