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Fear is Contagious

ContagiousThis is Part 2 on the conversation centered on Fear. The first part covered how Fear is a Choice. Taking things a step further, we’ll discuss how contagious fear can be. At least it can be. Much like misery, fear loves company. It gets fed by the masses. And it moves quickly if left unchecked.

When we watch the news, which story leads the newscast normally? It’s never the good stuff and rarely the acts of heroism. What sells is sensationalism and the negative the better. Fear and the story of fear is like a virus as it passes from one person to ten. Ever been employed at a company where a small rumor of takeover consumes the watercooler? Fear.

Fear left to its merry way will halt the future of any project, any promotion, and any marketing initiative. I used to have a boss who played the “What If” game and it killed every idea that anyone would come up with. We used to wonder how the guy ever got anything done due to his fatalistic imagination.

So we have firmly established how fear moves through people and causes panic, havoc and overall discomfort – so how do we stop it? Simple. Surround yourself with the right people. We all know the people in our lives who thrive on the drama, the gossip and the negative energies. At times they are entertaining. At times they are annoying. But make no mistake, they will drag you down. Literally.

A great sales person with a positive attitude fears little simply because they fill their mind with positivity. Daily emails sent to them from Zig Ziglar might help. Goals set for the week will help as well. But nothing can substitute a live person with the right attitude to keep fear at bay. It’s just the way it is. The right person can provide perspective, a unique angle, but most of all provide rationale to the equation.

(Thanks to RockStarVanity for the picture)

Fear IS a Choice


Fear grips people with what can best be described as a jolt.  Like a jolt of lightning.  We’ve all been there – you are sitting there at the conference table on Monday morning at the weekly meeting.  As you look around the room waiting for the boss to come in you notice that everyone brought the reports that had been assigned the week before.  The great lingering memories of a great weekend are suddenly erased and you feel that all too familiar tingle of electricity rip through the back of your neck.  Fear has you in its grip.  You’re paralyzed.  

It is fascinating at the psychological level how our mind can be our biggest nemesis and how it tricks us into imagining the very worst in situations.  Being fired, written up, demoralized in front of others are just a few of the thoughts that go racing through our minds.  With practice and a clear mind you must believe that fear is a choice.

Fear is a choice.  It feels good to say it, so one more time.  Fear IS a choice.  You can let your instincts take control and you can run to your happy place or you can ponder your situation and then determine the most rational choice at hand.  I’m not here to tell you those choices because there are all too many and just as many circumstances where fear enters the picture.  But what I am here to remind you is that you can buy into the hysteria that you normally purchase – then burn and crash.  Or you can choose to purchase the all new “Choice” now available in most stores and calmly mull over the best course of action.  It’s hardly as easy as buying a pair of shoes, but with practice of making the right choice life does get better.


Today’s post by Todd Henry at Accidental Creative is coincidentally on a related term to fear – Paranoia.  Like fear, paranoia is another choice and a destructive one at that.   Decide wisely at the next opportunity and you’ll soon discover when you choose to rebuke fear you will be much more able to accomplish much more (and come up with a great excuse that involves water, your 2 year old and crayon at the next Monday meeting). 


(Thanks to Orin Optiglot for the great picture)