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Creativity Examples

There is nothing I love better than some great examples of creativity no matter the medium.  Here’s a site I came across that has this and more.


Traits of a Creative Genius

I came across this from a Lifehack post.  Great visual!

So, how many traits held true to your creative genius?

An example of great Marketing, creativity, ad design and text copy

pantene_prov_ad-thumb.jpgComing to us via MarketingBlurb, Pantene has a very clever ad campaign featuring ads like the own shown above.  The ad, to me, represents great marketing, great ad design, and minimal copy.  Has anyone seen a campaign lately that can top this one?

PowerPoint is dead…

No Signal

First and foremost, thanks to all of you who came to my aid and got me over the 1000th view hump on my birthday.  It was a great day to get over that hump.  

Ok…on with the business at hand…I’m currently reading Garr Reynolds’ Presentation Zen.  The link will take you to his blog which will then link you to the book at Amazon if you’re interested.  The book works to provide an alternative solution to the traditional PowerPoint presentations we all know so well (and routinely fall asleep to).  I have been anxious to get this book into my hands and when I did receive my copy I quickly thumbed through the examples and images given.  Very cool stuff!  I am at the beginnings of this book but will report back as I continue my readings. I know some creative folks are reading this blog, so I’m hopeful a few of you can comment on an idea I hatched in the shower a few days ago.  Here goes:  In my last position, we placed a few flat screen LCD’s in conspicuous places to run Powerpoints of upcoming events, videos, etc.  Of course we found the video to be a bit much for Powerpoint’s capabilities and the system was prone to crashing quite often.We have the opportunity to run a flat screen LCD at my current position, but using a PC to power it leaves me queasy about trusting Powerpoint all over again.  So, here is my solution that I’m proposing.  Between myself and our graphics team, I’m planning on using Apple’s Keynote to replace Powerpoint and then exporting the presentations as Quicktime movies.  Then I plan on using iTunes in the PC environment to run the various movies by placing the files into an iTunes playlist.  Switching between in-house videos and Keynote/Quicktime videos, I’m of the impression I’ve created a solution.  Or have I?If you have the technical or practical background to comment, please do.  I’m anxious to hear your thoughts.  Otherwise we’ll launch this plan in a month or so and I can report back on its success (or failure).