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Parking Lot Productivity


Parking Lot

Here’s a great post from our friends at Lifehacker.com.  This would have been nice to know a few weeks ago…

These days, it’s harder to get a new cell phone without a built-in camera than with. If you’re not all that enthused about taking grain pictures with it, you can still get some value out of the little lens, as detailed at the Digital Inspiration blog. One idea in particular caught my eye:

Car Parking – Most shopping malls here have huge underground parking but there aren’t any signboards so it gets tough to locate the car. So when you park the the car, just look toward the lift (or the exit) and take a picture or record some video. This will save lot of effort (and time) when you return with all those heavy shopping bags.


GTD Simplified – Lifehacker style

Getting Things DoneAs a “special” treat, it’s not one, but two, that’s right TWO blogs in one day!  Crazy times, life on the edge, kooky stuff today.  Tomorrow it’s overdue book encouragement day, but for now, let’s settle down and get to business. Lifehacker.com‘s author, Gina Trapani, wrote how she has adapted GTD to fit her.  Worth a look.