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Pop-Tart Marketing

Any person with true pride in their alma mater loves seeing their school logo emblazoned anywhere it can go.  Naturally, I fit into this category.

A proud graduate of Missouri along with growing up in Columbia, I have amassed many articles of clothing with Mizzou upon them.  Plus I have a few helmets, more than few prints, a candy dish, a few teddy bears for my girls – OK, you get the picture.  So, when I got home today, you can imagine my surprise when I learned that Pop Tarts helped with my collection.  To commemorate the upcoming start of College Football, the folks at Pop Tarts are now featuring their fine product with various schools imaged upon their frosting.  Hey, if M&M can customize their tasty morsels with your logo, why not the folks at Kellogg’s as well?

Interesting marketing here, in my opinion.  Although the normal target is children and moms, Kellogg entertains a different audience; but then drops the ball.   Kellogg – why not continue marketing this product with an online fantasy football league, college football blog or tickets to a BCS bowl?  Instead, this is what you get when you go to their site.

OK, so not everything at Kellogg’s is perfect.  But their Missouri Tiger Pop Tarts are.  And I can’t seem to eat mine – I just like looking at it…

So, what do you think?  Did Kellogg’s blow it?


A Great Way to Start the New Year

 As you might recall a few posts ago, my beloved Missouri Tigers were overlooked by the idiots Mizzou wins Cotton Bowlwho call themselves the Orange Bowl committee.  Choosing the Kansas Jayhawks over Missouri (some reports say the committee thought more Jayhawk fans would purchase tickets for the game than if Mizzou went to this bowl), the fans of Missouri got the last laugh – the Cotton Bowl tickets were sold out within 24 hours.  Meanwhile many Orange Bowl tickets remained unsold after going on sale.  Read this for more on that story.Looking as good today as they have looked all season, the Missouri Tigers handily beat the Arkansas Razorbacks 38-7.  Not only did they “contain” Mr. McFadden, Heisman candidate, to a little over 100 yards, the Tigers put on a show of their own.  The Tigers running back, Tony Temple, rushed for 4 TD’s and ran for 281 yards, both new Cotton Bowl records.  In addition, Temple’s record put him in 2nd place all time for rushing yards in a bowl game!  Cotton Bowl, Orange Bowl, whatever – the Tigers showed poise, guts and class by going out today and simply taking care of business.  With a finished season record of 12-2, the Tigers had the best year ever.  Congrats Mizzou and thank  you for a great ride this season! 

BCS or Simply BS?

OK, call me a dedicated fan, call me a person with a lost focus since this is the 2nd entry that detracts from Productivity or Marketing altogether – but a blog gives an individual a chance to write about their passions, so I’m going to take full advantage of that opportunity.Let’s face the facts – the Missouri Tigers got HOSED.  Plain and simple.  Anyone close to a newspaper, TV station or sports commentator will all tell you the same thing.  There were no less than 3 different experts on ESPN’s site yesterday, video or otherwise, who all have come to the same conclusion.  The BCS, or more importantly, the Orange Bowl commission, obviously needs to make a trip to the optometrist.How can you possibly put Kansas above the Tigers in their selection process even though the BCS, AP, and other polls listed them all the same – Kansas being 8th ranked and the Tigers 7th ranked?  The Orange Bowl committee was quoted as saying a big part of the decision came down to the fact that the Jayhawks only lost one game.  Uh, yeah and Hawaii lost none and prior to last week were still ranked #14 in the nation.  Ever hear of a weak schedule?  I realize that my rants, along with thousands across the nation, will all fall on deaf ears.  But collectively, these issues along with many others should one day cause us to pause and reconsider the BCS or bowl selection process.  For the #7 team to play the #25 team, Arkansas, who has already lost their head coach – is that good football let alone good television?My saving grace in all of this will come in early January when many like me will stand up and laugh at the Orange Bowl’s outcome.  The Jayhawks have a good team and a good quarterback – no doubts about that.  But simply  put, not as good as the Missouri Tigers.

A Life Long Dream Realized

OK, so this entry is not exactly about Marketing or Productivity, at least not at a glance.  What it is about is the celebration of a journey – my journey and that of the Missouri Tigers.I grew up in Columbia, Missouri, attended the University of Missouri in Columbia and through it all I was a die-hard fan.  I fondly remember my Grandfather and I listening to the Tigers, whether it be on the radio (mostly) or watching them on TV (hardly).  They had some great years, but mostly some poor ones.  After graduating in 1991, I continued to track them and saw a sprinkling of bowl games.  They’ve had some great players and for those who remember, some great quarterbacks.  My dad once got an autographed football for me of Corby Jones, one of the best QB ‘s Missouri has had.Last Saturday night had to have been my proudest moment as a Mizzou fan.  Ranked 4th in the nation going up against #2 ranked Kansas, this game was set up across the states as one of the most anticipated games this year (first by the MU and KU fans and then by the rest of the Johnny come lately crowd).  Starting off strong with many unanswered points until the 2nd half and then finishing off with a great sack of KU’s QB, Reesing, the Tigers capped off a great win with a safety and a final 2 points.  My heart is still pounding and this blog entry is dedicated to the Missouri Tigers.  It may have taken you quite a while to get to this point, but you managed to make me feel like I was a kid again – and realizing once again that anything really is possible.