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A Life Long Dream Realized

OK, so this entry is not exactly about Marketing or Productivity, at least not at a glance.  What it is about is the celebration of a journey – my journey and that of the Missouri Tigers.I grew up in Columbia, Missouri, attended the University of Missouri in Columbia and through it all I was a die-hard fan.  I fondly remember my Grandfather and I listening to the Tigers, whether it be on the radio (mostly) or watching them on TV (hardly).  They had some great years, but mostly some poor ones.  After graduating in 1991, I continued to track them and saw a sprinkling of bowl games.  They’ve had some great players and for those who remember, some great quarterbacks.  My dad once got an autographed football for me of Corby Jones, one of the best QB ‘s Missouri has had.Last Saturday night had to have been my proudest moment as a Mizzou fan.  Ranked 4th in the nation going up against #2 ranked Kansas, this game was set up across the states as one of the most anticipated games this year (first by the MU and KU fans and then by the rest of the Johnny come lately crowd).  Starting off strong with many unanswered points until the 2nd half and then finishing off with a great sack of KU’s QB, Reesing, the Tigers capped off a great win with a safety and a final 2 points.  My heart is still pounding and this blog entry is dedicated to the Missouri Tigers.  It may have taken you quite a while to get to this point, but you managed to make me feel like I was a kid again – and realizing once again that anything really is possible.