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Are You Ready To Lead?

According to Seth Godin’s book, Tribes, leadership is needed now more than ever.  Ever since I started listening to it, I have been challenged and motivated by each word he speaks out.  I’m anxious to purchase the book as soon as I’m done listening so that I can underline the phrases an iPod doesn’t give you the luxury to do.


While Tribes has many great ideas, in particular a great discussion on faith versus religion and why we need it (perhaps not like you think), I’m still mesmerized and yet wondering why a book like this has not surfaced in a while.  I grew up with a father who had many ideas but chose to play it safe as a bodyman and work an honest living to provide for his family.  I am always humbled by my father and his integrity.  But at the same time I wonder where my father (and his family) would have been had my father acted on just one of his ideas.  Where would you be and what ideas have you let slip by?


Tribes mentions a few hundred times the need to become a leader and goes into a few details on what that means.  Me, I’m visual, so that’s one reason why I need to buy the book.  But another visual aid I’ve come across recently is a wonderful blog/company called IQ Matrix.  The author, Adam Sicinski has put together an incredible visual methodology to show what various traits, vocations – and even books look like.  Let’s be honest, it’s a mind map; but for those who have never heard of such a thing, it’s a highly powerful technique many use as a memory device.  The example below is a snippet from a larger matrix on Excellent Leadership.

A sample of what Leadership looks like

A sample of what Leadership looks like

My goal is not to steal any thunder from Seth or IQ Matrix.  Rather it is to bridge the two thoughts and help the cause – building leaders.  One of my favorite parts of the overall matrix (not pictured) is on a leader being a visionary:  An Extraordinary Leader is a visionary. They Think BIG and picture what they want in their minds with clarity and purpose. Moreover they share these visions and plans with others in order to move and inspire them into action for one common purpose and cause.”

As Zig Ziglar is quoted as saying, “You are the only person on earth who can use your ability.” What abilities do you have that remain untapped?  Invariably you possess that next best idea but you’re not sure where to start.  Today’s web and its many opportunities to connect on tools such as Twitter are great launching points.  Lead.  We need you.

Does this visual representation help you want to become a leader?  For leaders, does this provide a check list or methodology to sharpen up any weak areas and improve on your strong traits that much more?  Tell me what you feel are leadership traits not represented on the overall matrix and let’s see if a supplemental list might be generated – want to help?


Traits of a Creative Genius

I came across this from a Lifehack post.  Great visual!

So, how many traits held true to your creative genius?