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Creative, Innovative and Wii-nderful

Wario Land - Press to see video

Wario Land - Press HERE to see video

This incredible and creative YouTube adaptation for a new Wii game comes to us via brandcurve.com, so kudos to them for bringing this to my attention.  Gamer or not, you have to appreciate the approach.  Press the picture to see – already over 2 million hits!


Productivity While Creating

Productivity, Time

I‘ve been busy the last few days working on a few video projects for work and thought I’d reflect on a few items that may help you.  First, just because you’re a creative type don’t always feel like you constantly have to reinvent the wheel.  There is always something to be said for consistency – and for the subject at hand as well.  Second, when attempting a project, be sure you have all the pictures, video, titles, etc. at hand before you start.  Make an outline at the beginning, a storyboard even, to map out your strategy.  Mindmapping is helpful as well.  Paint the images in your mind and get as much done ahead of time before you go into editing mode.  Third and perhaps the most important for me and others wishing to save space – save all of your work into one folder that is on your desktop.  As you accumulate other folders for your project, place them in your overall folder.  Then, once you’ve rendered your project, move all of the materials onto DVD(s).  Using a Sharpie, label both copies of your master data files (Note I did say both copies – make a backup DVD) and store them in separate places in the event of some odd catastrophe.

As a side note for those new to Leopard’s OS for Macs – learn to use Spaces.  Editing video can eat up your desktop in a heart beat.  Using Spaces you can have multiple programs working at the same time while you’re waiting for a file to render, etc.