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It Can Happen To You…

It can happen to anyone – you’re waist deep in your GTD program.  You’ve perused all of the online software and whether its web-based or not, you decide on what you need.  You purchase your note cards, your filing system, your labelmaker, your Moleskine and any number of other doo-dads as you undertake your Getting Things Done initiative.  The weeks go by and you’re faithful to your weekly review.  You feel free.  And then it happens. One week you’re out of town the latter part and didn’t think on how to re-schedule your Weekly Review.  Worse yet, you’re out of town the second week in a row and then all of a sudden you feel like a 7 year old who can’t swim, but was just tossed into the deep end.  Your breathing quickens, your arms start flailing and you realize you’re not as good at this as you thought. If anyone has ever been there where life takes you from the norm and you struggle to get back to the mid-line, drop a comment.